ECR – ePOS Solution – UK

A 5 decade-old company in the UK had a demand to renew its 10+ year-old software for selling tickets (typically for ferry, train, bus, …) around the world. The recent software had reached its limited capacity of old school web & mobile technologies. The big challenges for us were the very small pieces added up over the time in the business logic of the current software to cope with fraud & the usual practice.

We chose Microsoft .NET Core technology & Angular Framework to rebuild the system. We found a team around 20 – 30 staffs (PMs, developers, testers, designers) working together within one year to complete the work. However, we didn’t make the work done in one shoot. We had to followed Agile methodology to deliver the work gradually in 2 – 3 week-time windows. By this methodology, we were quickly getting feedback from project owner who had the best understanding of the software and the owner would point out which ones were missing, mis-functioning, …

The system involved a customized windows 10 mobile devices to print tickets as well as a scanning app to validate them. The devices could be used for on-street tickets selling with fully PCI compliant solution to collect fares from any valid electronic cards or even contactless payment. Additionally, they were designed to work even in offline mode.

We are also in the stage of migrating current clients on old system to the new one. That is off-course a complicated step where current big old data needs migrating. We provide the support constantly and continuously.



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