CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a solution to manage and maintain relationships with customers. In business, frequent communication with customers are the desire of all businesses or business people. This opens up many opportunities to keep up with the business relationship and new prospects.


Today, businesses have shown the respect to the role of CRM in their business development strategy.

For the purposes of:

  • Focusingon the Customers
  • Increasingopportunities and investing into opportunities
  • Makingprofits from approaching old and new customers.
  • Managingworkflow, organizing and optimizing
  • Minimizingrisks with business reports over time.
  • ….

CRM is a tool that helps executives as well as business people perform better. However It is considered effective when it can guarantee the aspects below:

  • Focusingon potential leads
  • Reminding events related to loyal customers
  • Evaluatingthe potential opportunities for proper actions
  • Trackingthe tasks following a specific process and easily updating
  • Supporting totroubleshoot by sending notifications to supervisors

We can name the most popular and well trusted CRMs in the world such as: Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, SugarCRM, Less Annoying CRM, Odoo, etc. These CRMs apply for different customer targets and purposes. For example, Saleforce is an Enterprise CRM designed for large, complex corporates with a wide range of sophisticated features geared towards large numbers of customers. Meanwhile, Hubspot or Zoho are for customers who are small companies or organizations. Choosing to use a CRM requires businesses and organizations to realize their goals and plan the strategies over time. Once all the ideas and thoughts are documented, it means you have made the first step in using the right tool.

At JANETO, we are ready to provide you with consultation and optimized solutions on the CRM platforms available above. We are also prepared to support the development of CRM with specific requirements. We have successfully developed CRM in many fields such as education, transportation, and retail. In addition, we can integrate email marketing solutions into platforms such as MailChimp, SendGrid, or messaging solutions like GSuite, Slack, Skype, etc.






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